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malai ladoo recipe

Malai Ladoo Recipe

Malai Ladoo recipe is one of the simplest sweet recipes you can make at home on festivals and occasions. In festive seasons we all have some doubts over quality of sweets we get in...
weight loss diet-chart

Diet chart for Healthy Life & Weight Loss (1200 Calorie Indian Diet Chart)

Today I will share some important aspects of a Diet chart for healthy life & weight loss. Now with that I will tell you about 1200 Calorie magical number. Yes weather you are a diabetic...
south indian uttapam recipe

South Indian Onion Tomato Uttapam Recipe | Healthy Indian Pizza

Uttapam is one of the healthy South Indian snacks. Uttapam can also be understand as Healthy Variant of Pizza. Sometimes uttapam tastes much better than pizza. It has base of Rice and lentils and...

Gujarati Khandvi Recipe

Khandvi Recipe is a Famous Gujarati Snack. Khandvi is quite popular in all parts of India. It is not that much complicated dish what people think for it. I will tell you how to...

Zero Oil Tadka “Oil Free Food” For Weight Loss

These days we will encounter at least one Diabetic or Heart Patient in almost every family. Number of patients are increasing day by day. With that doctors are also advising for a lite and...
aloo tikki recipe

Aloo Tikki Recipe Specially for Vrat like Navratri & Shivratri

Aloo tikki is one of the popular Indian Snacks. Its main ingredient is aloo means potato. From all around potato snacks, aloo tikki is one of the famous. Aloo tikki is also made during...
white sauce pasta recipe

White Sauce Pasta Recipe

White sauce pasta recipe is one of the famous recipes of Italy. This white sauce pasta recipe by Meenu Dua is a step by step recipe. Everything is explained easily in this recipe of...
khichdi recipe

Magical Balanced Diet Meal Recipe “Stay Healthy & Lose Weight”

Balanced Diet Khichdi should be in your diet plan for a fit and healthy life. I turned boring khichdi into blend of flavors and nutrition that your kids will also love it. This khichdi...
lauki barfi

Lauki Barfi Recipe | Gheeya Burfi

Lauki Barfi Recipe is sweet delight easy to made with Lauki/ Gheeya / Bottle Gourd. Special recipe for festivals like diwali, navratri and more. You can have this lauki barfi in your fasting days like...
sabudana vada recipe

Sabudana Vada Recipe | Sago Patties

Sabudana Vada is one of the popular breakfast in India and i personally love the one i had on my trip to Mahabhaleshwar in Maharashtra. Today I am sharing my recipe of sabudana vada...

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