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Soybean Chunks French Beans

Today I will share a high protein main course recipe with you all. As my dietitian suggested me high protein meal for weight loss, so these days I try to experiment something new with...
benefits of copper water

My Dietitian Told me to Take Copper Charged Water for Weight Loss !

Many of my friends asking me about Copper Vessel water. Many of you also want to know details about it and health benefits of water kept in copper jug or utensil. Now firstly let me...
fenugreek water weight loss

Fenugreek Water For Weight Loss Suggested by my Dietitian

Today I will share a magical drink recipe for weight loss. This drink is suggested by my Dietitian. So it is fenugreek water, which can help you to lose weight and can be helpful in...

Right Way to Use Green Tea For Weight Loss ! and More Health Benefits

Want to lose weight without much efforts. Yes this is something, what everyone want. There are number of things which will help you to lose weight quickly and one of them is Green Tea. Green...
soya chaap recipe

Shahi Soya Chaap Recipe

Today I will share a exotic North Indian Recipe, known as Soya Chaap. There are several ways to make soya chaap recipe, but this one is really authentic. Flavours and color of this dish...
aata cake recipe_10

Healthy Wheat Flour Aata Cake Recipe in Cooker/ Oven/ Microwave

This is a healthy Aata cake recipe, which you can make in microwave, cooker or oven. I will tell you all methods. Now quit maida and bake healthy aata cake. Aata Cake Recipe in Cooker Ingredients 1...

How to Make Instant Rava Idli Too Healthy for Kids Tiffin !!

Rava Idli is one of the perfect healthy snack for everyone. You can also make these healthy rava idli for kids tiffin. Try my recipe of rava idli. Rava Idli Recipe Ingredients  Sooji - 1 cup ...
amchur chutney recipe

Instant Amchur Khatti Meethi Chutney

Today I will tell you how to make Instant khatti Meethi Chutney. It is basically amchur wali chutney which is popularly known as Lal Wali Khatti Meethi Chutney and served with many Indian Snacks...

Eat these 3 Things to Treat PCOD | 20% Ladies are Suffering from it

Today we are going to discuss about a serious issue in Females, that is PCOD or PCOS. Both PCOD & PCOS are same terms used for a single problem. PCOD is full formed as...

Sugar Free Dry Fruit Barfi | Stay Happy & Healthy

Many of you were asking Sugar free sweet recipes. So I bring one special Dry Fruit Barfi recipe which it totally sugar free. I didn't use any artificial sweetener in it. This barfi is...

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