Bhature |Chole Bhature Recipe “Pure Punjabi”


Amritsari Bhatura Recipe Video

Bhatura Recipe Steps with Pictures


Put maida, sooji, sugar, salt, and baking soda into a bowl and mix all ingredients.
Now beat the curd make it smooth and put it in whole material. Mix well curd with material. Now put water in material and knead the dough for bhatura. Put water slowly, and not in a single time. You can keep its dough little softer than dough for chapati.


Knead it and press it properly and it should be smooth, as roughness or glands in dough ends in poor bhatura. After our dough gets ready, apply some refined oil to it around 2 tea spoon and knead it again.
Punch it properly and again compose dough into a round shape
Cover dough with a wet kitchen cloth for 2 hours and in winters 5-7 hours. In that time it will be ready to make yummy batura.


Now make balls of dough (peda). You can watch in bhatura video how I am making its peda.
There should not be any hole around dough ball, it should be smooth from outer. Otherwise oil will fill in bhatura and no one can eat that. Make dough balls with tight hands.
Keep refined oil to get heat up in a (pan) kadhai. Now flatten the dough ball, before that apply oil on both sides of ball and press it with hands. Now flatten it with a roller pin.
You can flatten it in a round or long shape whichever you like. Move roller pin on outer sides of dough so that its center portion didn’t get too thin and sides too thick.


Now put bhatura into kadhai in which we heat up oil. Do that very carefully, you can see that in my Bhatura video. Take care at this time, a splash of oil can turn to be really dangerous. So if you are not much experienced then do any frying task with someone experienced at home.
After putting bhatura into kadhai, put oil on bhatura continuously during frying so that it will turns into a big ball shaped. After it turns golden brown and get properly fried take it bhatura out and make more like this. Secret Ingredient of this recipe is Practice.


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  1. Wen I flatten the maid to make bhatura, I can’t make bhaturamore than the size of puri. Wen I flatten it comes to its previous position due to elasticity.


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