My Dietitian Told me to Take Copper Charged Water for Weight Loss !

benefits of copper water

Many of my friends asking me about Copper Vessel water. Many of you also want to know details about it and health benefits of water kept in copper jug or utensil.
Now firstly let me clear it, that it is a scientific call not a myth. In past time copper utensils are used regularly, but with the time we lost our facts, culture, tradition and this copper jug.
If you are a kind of person who have some belief over ayurveda, then You can easily understand how Copper vessel has number of health benefits.
Now as many of us forgot copper vessels and its benefits, in same way many are unaware how to use it properly for health benefits. So I will also tell you right method to use copper vessel.
Like everything shows its result in some time, same applies on this. So don’t expect any kind of Instant magic like Allopathic treatments.

On Next Page I will Discuss all benefits & uses of Copper Vessel.

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