Onion Capsicum Pizza | Tawa & Microwave Pizza Recipe

onion capsicum pizza recipe

If I dig some beautiful memories from my Son’s childhood then his happiness for pizza will be one of them. In 90’s we don’t know much about pizza in our city and there were not so many restaurants who had pizza in there menu.

My son had its 1st pizza at Nirula’s when he got his Class 1st results and he got crazy over that pizza. After that his love for pizza increased over the time, and after that I tried to cook pizza at home only.
I read some recipes from recipes books and all, so at last I came up with pizza which is loved by my son.

Till now he love that pizza only over any branded pizza like dominos or pizza hut.
So Today I will tell you my Pizza Recipe and I hope you all will love this recipe.

Onion Capsicum Pizza Recipe Ingredients

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