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Get Rid Of Extra Salt in Dish!!

Oh shit I put salt twice in my dish, I put more salt as per quantity of dish, salt spoon was bigger than I usually use... there are many situations in which Salt plays...

Mixed Spice Tea Recipe “Perfect Cold & Cough Remedy”

A Good Morning Starts with a Good Tea!! For many this line is like most sacred line in world. In our family my mother in law can't stay without morning and evening tea, my husband...

French Fries Recipe With A Twist

This French Fries Recipe is  with a Twist and it is just a new Avatar of regular French Fries. I usually don't like those normal french fries as same thing again and again turns...
hari-chutney recipe

Hari Chutney | Green Sauce Recipe

Hari Chatney | Green Sauce is a tangy sauce which goes with many Indian Snacks. I usually make it with pudina & dhaniya (Mint & Coriander). It is one of the popular Indian Sauces...

Chiku Shake Recipe (Sapota Milk Shake)

Chiku Shake (Sapota Shake) is quite popular in India and one of the favorite milk shake for kids. But anything like this become more appealing when it is served beautifully.  So today i will...

Pasta Pizza Oregano Seasoning At Home !!

Pasta Pizza Oregano Seasoning is just like icing on the cake!! Without oregano seasoning you can't get that aroma in your pasta or pizza. You can also use this oregano seasoning in parantha instead...

Sambar Recipe “South Indian Staple Stew”

Sambar Recipe is one of the famous recipes from South Indian Cuisine. Sambhar is a stew and goes with different lentils and vegetables. We usually go for Arhar Dal ( Pigeon peas Split ) and...

Bread Ka Halwa Recipe “Quick Sweet Dish”

Bread ka Halwa Recipe is a quick sweet dish and will be prepared in just 10 minutes. You can use white or brown bread which ever your prefer. As bread is already baked that's...
aata guthna

How To Knead Perfect Wheat Flour Dough | Aata Guthna?

Aata Guthna | Aata Madna | Knead Wheat Flour all are same thing said in different ways and same like that only one dough and we can make multiple Indian breads with that like...

How To cut Onions Without Tears?

Do You Cry ? Yea i know we all cry sometime while in sad or happy situation. But is it good thing to cry while cutting those Onions!! No Never why should we have...

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