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coconut chutney recipe

Coconut Chutney Recipe | Nariyal Chatni

Prep time: 5minCooking time: 15minTotal time:20min Nariyal Chatni or Coconut Chutney is one of the most popular sauce or dips in India. Coconut Chutney is a famous sauce of South Indian Cuisine. You can make nariyal...
sabudana khichdi recipe

Navratri Special Sabudana Khichdi Recipe

Sabudana khichdi is one famous vegetarian Indian dishes. Sabudana khichdi recipe is easy to make at home and it is very much healthy. Sabudana Khichdi is usually cooked in Navratri or other fast days...
macaroni recipe

Yummy Macaroni Recipe For Kids Tiffin

This macaroni recipe is too simple recipe to make at home. You can make Macaroni in just 20 minutes whenever your kids ask for something yummy. Have semolina or sooji macaroni and add lots...
panjeeri recipe

Panjiri Ladoo Recipe

Panjiri / panjiri ladoo recipe is an authentic sweet dish. It is a traditional Indian Sweet specially consumed in winters. It is one of the major Indian cuisines. Panjiri recipe is easy to make...
idli recipe

Idli Recipe “Soft & Spongy”

Idli is one of the most popular breakfast of South India. Idli is quite popular in all over India. This idli recipe is a simple recipe which you can try out any time...
idli batter recipe

How to make Idli Dosa Uttpam Batter

This idli batter recipe is key to unlock most yummy dishes of South Indian Cuisine. This batter is used to make idli, dosa and uttapam at different consistency. In this recipe I will answer...
bel ka sharbat

Bel Ka Sharbat Wood Apple Juice Recipe

Bel ka sharbat is a refreshing tasty drink made up of bel or wood apple. Bel is also known as Wood Apple. Bel ka sharbat or wood apple juice is very popular in India...

Honey Chilli Potato Recipe – How to Make Chilli Potatoes

Prep time: 10minCooking time: 35minTotal time:45min Honey Chilli Potato recipe is one of the most famous Chinese recipes which are popular in India. Without chilli potato or honey chilli potato you can't think of snacks...
shahi paneer recipe

How to Make Shahi Paneer Recipe Restaurant Style

Prep time: 20min Cooking time: 20min Total time:40minShahi paneer recipe is one of the authentic Indian dishes. Shahi paneer recipe is popular as north Indian dish which completes the plate of any occasion....
Matar Paneer recipe

Matar Paneer Recipe

Prep time: 10minCooking time: 20minTotal time:30min Matar Paneer recipe is one of the famous Indian Dishes. Matar Paneer is popular in North India and one of the favorite dishes of kids. Matar Paneer recipe is...

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