10 weight loss tips by my Dietitian

10 Secret Tips For Weight Loss

  1. First advice for all who are going to start up with dieting or weight loss program is that, you should not just eat less for weight loss, but you have to eat from all food groups. Means only less eating is not enough for weight loss, but you should add whole grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits & dairy products in right proportion. This is not just an simple advice but the key of weight loss from dieting. As many of us just started dieting on the name of less eating, but that turns into malnutrition and not weight loss.
  2. Don’t make dieting boring, try different kinds of cuisines and pick healthy meals from them. Like you can go for dosa, bhel puri, oats, idli, ragi , curd rice, paneer cheela and more. There is no end of healthy options, but you should dig them out.
  3. Portion should be well defined. Means how much fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fiber, protein and whole grains you are taking should be in right proportion. For that you can take help of a dietitian or diet plan apps like “healthifyme”
  4. Keep calorie count around 1200-1500, for weight loss this count is standard one. Means 300-400 calories in 3 meals a day and 100-200 calories in snacks.
  5. Give a break to your diet plan, once in a week. Eat your favorites but that too in a small portion. This will keep you motivated to follow up diet. Sunday can be good for this “Cheat Day”.
  6. Keep yourself busy in some work or activities, which can keep your mind away from food. There is a hindi phrase “Khali Dimag Shaitan ka ghar” this is exactly what I am trying to say in this tip.
  7. Only a diet plan can’t do everything, for a healthy body you should do exercise. For that I recommend Yoga as best option. Do yoga for 1 hour a day & 1/2 hour walk. You can increase it gradually.
  8. Here is something which my granny used to say and now I am going to tell you this magical mantra. Have breakfast like a king, lunch as a common man & dinner as a poor man.
  9. Quit junk food, oily food and sugar. In contrast to them take fruits, juices & healthy snacks. Quitting oil,sugar & Maida can do magic for you.
  10. Check your weight in regular intervals but not daily or in every 2-3 days. At least wait for 15 days for some visible changes. Most importantly don’t take stress of weight fluctuations, it will give adverse effects over your health.

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