Health Benefit of RamFal !! Persimmon Fruit

These days I see this fruit gets common in Delhi, India. A rich orange red colored fruit with tomato like looks!

ram fal

Firstly I hesitate to buy one as this was new to me, but then I go for one. In Delhi it is famous as Ramfal, japanee fruit and its orignal name isΒ 

Persimmon Fruit. In hindi it is also known as Tendu. So you can call it with any name you like πŸ™‚

It is quite dense and solid to hold, looks just like a orange or tomato or don’t know it resembles with no. of other fruits & veggies πŸ˜€

So How is its Taste ?

  • This big question actually vary from our choice, but as a general recommendation, you will not dislike it.
  • It is too sweet, so if you are sweet lover then this fruit can be good option in low calorie natural sweet.
  • Secondly very less waste part, so it is also value for money.
  • As per flavor, it has very mild flavor, not much aromatic fruit. So don’t expect aroma like mangoes.
  • Although I like it, but when I came to know about its health benefits, I got in love with this fruit.

On Next Page I am sharing its Health Benefits

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