Coconut Rose Barfi | You will Love this Sweet

Yesterday I got an idea to give a twist to my Coconut Barfi !!
What was that twist ?
Actually I love Coconut Barfi & I also Love rose flavor, So I decide to make a combination of both.


Now How was its result?

Actually it was exceptional? I am more in love with these coconut barfi as now they have a hint of rose

I know till now you had been seen or tried many coconut barfi recipes, and some may be difficult & some can be little easy

But I am sharing easy, easier, easiest recipe, you can make it in just 5 minutes and that too without cooking on fire !!

Wow means a kid can also make it!!

So on next page I will share its full recipe.

Below Press “2” or “View all” to read Coconut Rose Barfi recipe

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