How to Make Condensed Milk at home?

It is one the simplest recipes I have ever shared with you all. Many of my friends asked this recipe, although condensed milk is available in market by two big known brands in India, that are Nestle Milkmaid and Amul Mithai Mate. Condensed milk is nothing but thick sweetened milk which you can use to make lots of sweets with an ease. So if you can’t get condensed milk near you home, or you like to make everything at home, then surely try this condensed milk recipe.

You need only 3 Ingredients for Condensed milk Recipe


  • Milk- 1Ltr
  • Sugar- 400 gm
  • Baking Soda- ½ tsp

Below Press “2” or “View All” for Condensed milk recipe Steps!!

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12 Responses

  1. sarupa jain says:

    I want to learn milkmade

  2. Navin says:

    Plz specify the quantity of baking soda to be added per litre of milk used

  3. sangita says:

    How many days it can be preserved

  4. Jayamala says:

    Give me more receipes pls.

  5. Jayamala says:

    Give me more receipes pls.

  6. Jayashree says:

    Can we do away with the baking soda? Or is it very essential to make condensed milk?

  7. Vinita says:

    V good recepie

  8. Vinita says:

    V good recepie

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