Eat these 3 Things to Treat PCOD | 20% Ladies are Suffering from it

Today we are going to discuss about a serious issue in Females, that is PCOD or PCOS. Both PCOD & PCOS are same terms used for a single problem. PCOD is full formed as Poly cystic Ovarian Disease & PCOS is termed as Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Now why today we are discussing about it? Answer is above in title, yes 20 % ladies in India are effected by this disease means 1 out of 5. But problem is that many never get diagnose it, if it is diagnosed in ultrasound test, then also doctors shows least attention to it.
You know why doctors didn’t show any interest in treating PCOD, because in today’s Science World also Allopathy didn’t have any proper treatment for this disease. Birth Control Pills are only option in allopathy to treat PCOD & in my opinion it is just useless and can make your condition worse. That’s why we have to shift to home remedies to treat this problem.
How much severe it can be? This question is too scary in case of PCOS as It can also turn into Cancer. If not cancer then it can also stick some lifetime problem with you like diabetes, blood pressure & thyroid. So it is very much important to treat it as soon as possible.

Symptoms of PCOD

excess hair on the face
decrease in breast size
hair loss
weight gain
pelvic pain

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