Chatpata Ghiya Recipe For Weight Loss Diet Lunch “No Onion Garlic”

Today I will tell you a yummy Ghiya Recipe for Weight Loss. This recipe is a No Onion Garlic recipe. As many of my friends ask for No Onion Garlic Recipes, so I am here with some No Onion Garlic Recipes which I will share time to time.


I am sure these No Onion Garlic recipes can be benefited for many, as Devotees of Vaishnavs, ISKCON, Bhram Kumaris, Jain Religion and many other don’t use to eat onion garlic, so for those these recipes can be very helpful.

After trying these recipes you will never ever miss Onion Garlic in your dishes, even you will get pure natural taste of that veggie, which is main Ingredient in that dish.

Below Press “2” or ” View all” to Read Steps of Ghiya Recipe & Watch its video

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