How To Boil Rajma ( Red Kidney Bean) Without Soaking?

rajma1Many of My Friends ask how to cook rajma without soaking it. As many times guest or kids give a surprised order to make rajma chawal and at that time this trick can do wonders for you. This recipe & trick will be boon for Rajma Chawal lovers.
I hope this recipe will surely help you to make rajma instantly.

In 2 Steps I will Tell you how to Boil Rajma (Red Kidney Bean) instantly without soaking it for hours. Many times my son demands Rajma (Red Kidney Bean) and at that time I have to boil it instantly and i know this situation surely occur with you also.

So press 2 to Find out That Big Tip to Boil Rajma Without Soaking.

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12 Responses

  1. Nadirashmamim says:

    I put rajma in water and cook them on low flame for some time

  2. neha says:

    Plz tell the quantity of rajma u have used

  3. Neha says:

    How much Rajma do u have used?

  4. SG says:

    How much cold water added after boiling Rajma for first time.

      • meenakshi says:

        Cold water hi lena h mtlb fridge ka ya normal drinking temperature wala pani. .?

        • Meenu Dua says:

          fridge wala cold water

          • Alamutu says:

            I just made this, but I used kidney beans from a can besuace it’s easier! It was delicious! It was a 15 oz can instead of about the 17.5 ounces (500 gms) you suggested in the recipe. I am Pakistani and (finally) make desi food all the time so I used your measurements as a suggestion. It turned out pretty good, except I was in a hurry and threw too much red chilli in there and I think I would also decrease the garam masala next time (I did use less than you suggested besuace I had less beans). I think you could pretty much use these ingredients for any beans (I threw something similar together last week with black eyed peas). Thanks for the recipe! Bookmarked your site =)

  5. Neha says:

    Aapne kitna use kiya Rajma boil karne ke liye?

  6. Manju Jain says:

    My experience is slightly different. Boil rajmah or chickpeas without salt and oil in just sufficient water till one whistle in cooker. When pressure settles down put cold water and in only 10-15 minutes both become soft depending on the quality of grains.

  7. Anirudh Pathania says:

    Thank You!!!
    Worked perfectly well for Kashmiri Rajmah(Small Sized Deep Red Kidney beans). I added a locally available rajmah masaala along with the regular onion-tomato-ginger paste.
    Everyone liked it and surprised too as am a working father of two doting kids and a lovely working wife who never fails to impress at her cooking skills!

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