How to Make Potato Chips at home for Fasting in Navratri Days

Homemade snacks are always been special in compare to buying them from market. Potato Chips are one of the popular snacks in all over the world. Today I will tell you how can to make Potato chips at home without much hassles.

Whether potato chips are a continental recipe, but aloo chips are very much connected to India and has its hold on all age groups. With that aloo chips are well connected with navratri festival. Most of people have it in their fasting. If you are making these potatoes chips for fasting in Navratri days then use Sendha Namak (salt), as many of us don’t use common salt during navratri days.
Moreover navratri days, you can also make these potato chips on regular basis, with variety of flavors, which you get in branded chips packs. Like cream onion chips, tomato flavored chips, masala chips. For all those you need some spice mixes. I will tell you all those in coming up recipes, but for now lets jump to our Navratri special Aloo Chips Recipes.

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