How to make Saffron Milk During Pregnancy | Kesar Milk Recipe

Saffron (Kesar) Milk During Pregnancy

Today I will discuss something which is very important for almost every lady once in a life. I got many messages and mails regarding how to make saffron milk during pregnancy, in which month of pregnancy or side effects of saffron milk in pregnancy.

Saffron is also known as Kesar, Kesar wala doodh (kesar milk) is something very important in our tradition during pregnancy.

As pregnancy is a sensitive matter so I will try to explain you how to make saffron milk during pregnancy and its side effects in a proper manner.

But then also I will advice you to consult to your doctor and elders before taking anything in your pregnancy.

Below press 2 to read my recipe of Saffron milk (Kesar Milk) and its benifts as well as side effects.

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