How to Peel Garlic in Just 1 Minute

Peeling Peeling and Peeling !! One of the most boring work in kitchen is peeling Garlic. I got lots of Facebook messages, and mails with a single question, How to Peel Garlic quickly?
So today I will tell you a trick to peel garlic buds quickly and easily.
Garlic is one of the key flavoring components in Asian Cuisine. Whether it is Indian or Chinese cuisine, garlic is there in most of dishes. Garlic also have many medical benefits.

But again peeling garlic is much bigger task than all its good sides.
As per heading we will need around 1 minute to peel garlic, but this all depends on type & quality of garlic. It may take less than or more than 1 minute to peel garlic by this method, so don’t keep a stop watch with you.

So on next page I will tell you How to Peel Garlic in just 1 Minute with 2 tricks.

Below press “2” or “view all” to read quick method to peel Garlic

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