Janmashtami Special Top 8 Recipes !! Radhe Radhe :)

Hare Krishna !! Radhe Radhe !! Happy Janmashtami to you all ๐Ÿ™‚ I know you all are very much excited for Janmashtami Festival. We all celebrate this big festival with full of joy & fun.
With Shringaar of Ladoo Gopal to Delicious prasadam everything is divine in this celebration.


So for you I am sharing 8 Top recipes for Janmashtami Celebration.

Note – Surely add Tulsi leaf (Basil) to every dish to make it pure for Prasadam.

#1 – Starting with Divine Drink “Thandai” for Govind

thandai recipe

As our Gopal loves Cow’s Milk, so why not we make delicious homemade Thandai for Govind. Thisย  thandai is totally homemade, as we prepare its paste at home, you can also try it. This thandai is much better than packed thandai Powder.

#2 – What about Special Makhan for our “Makhanchor”

make white butter at homewhite butter at home

You can easily make white butter at home with this easy Recipe. By this recipe you can make butter instantly from cream with a jar. This is only a 5 minute process. Serve it to Makhan Chor with mishri, as Makhan Mishri is his favourite. Go for “Kuja Mishri or Dhage wali Mishri”, not cubical sugar like mishri.

#3 – Instant No Cook Coconut Ladoo for our Kanha

instant coconut ladoo recipe

This is a 2 minute recipe by which you can make coconut ladoo instantly. You don’t need to cook anything so even a kid can make it easily. You can make these ladoo for prasadam and can distribute in your neighborhood.

#4 – Malai Ladoo for our Madhav

malai ladoo recipe

I love these malai ladoo, you just need 3 ingredients for these ladoo. They are too yummy & too easy to make at home. Paneer is base for these ladoo, so they are healthy for your kids.

#5 – Lets make some snacks for Mohan “Sabudana k Vade”

sabudana vada recipe

Krishna will not like everything to be too sweet, so lets make something spicy for natkhat gopal. These sabudana k vade can be have in Janmashtami fast so you can enjoy them with shyamsundar.

#6 – Kuttu k Pakode for Bihari Jiย 

navratri special pakore

Another snack for bihari ji. Kuttu k pakode are good option for Janmashtami celebration, as they can be have in fast. So enjoy paneer & aloo wale pakode. Janmashtami time is also rainy time in many areas so pakode can be best option for you.

#7 – Again something sweet for our Madan Mohan “Lauki Ki Barfi”

lauki barfi

You can have lauki barfi in janmashtami fast, and if you don’t like Lauki, then also you will surely love this.

#8 – In last something Divine for Radha Raman “Fruit Cream”

Fruit Cream is a great combination of goodness of fruits & milk. This can be have in janmashtami fast and Gopala will surely love this.

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