Keep your body cool with Gond Katira in Summers

Today I will tell you about magical benefits of Gond Katira. Firstly I will clear that this is not that gond which is used in making panjiri ladoo or pinni. Gond Katira is different from that gond.

gond katira benefits


In english gond katira is known as Tragacanth Gum Herb. It has number of health benefits & have a magical property which makes it special.

Gond katira is a herbal medicine in ayurveda, and can be helpful in treating many health problems.

This edible gum Gond Katira is available in market in a dry form so its pieces will not stick to each other.

Second important thing about this Gond is that it is tasteless & odorless.

Buying Guide

You can get gond katira in grocery shop or super market, but most of the time I got it from Pansari shop. You can also get it on online websites like flipkart & amazon.
Always go for cleaner gond katira with pale or white color. Don’t go for brown gond katira as it can be too much aged.

On next page I will tell you how to use it, but before that let me tell you about its benefits.

Nutritious Values & health benefits of Gond Katira

Cool Down Body – It beats heat stroke in summer. Gond katira cools down body in summers. It decrease body temperature. Many kids have nose bleeding problem in summers, so gond katira will also helps to treat it.

Makes your skin beautiful– It delays wrinkles & keeps you young. It has anti aging properties.

Give benefit in diarrhea & constipation.

It increase immunity & treats inflammation.

Cures mouth ulcer.

It also have high content of protein.

On next page I will share how to use Gond Katira

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