Makhane Snack Weight Loss Recipe

Makhane snack is one of the yummy & lite snacks recipe. You can make it instantly and store them for 1 week in a air tight container, but I bet you can’t store them as they are too yummy to finish quickly. With taste they also have lot of health benefits. I am adding  spices & nuts as per my preference, but you can swap them with your own taste.


Let me tell some Amazing Health Benefits of Makhane !!

  • These are very much beneficial for all who are suffering from Heart disease, blood pressure & obesity.
  • Makhane are also very much healthy for Diabetic Patients as in between snacks.
  • It has anti aging enzyme which are very much good for skin. 
  • Ayurveda suggest that these seeds (makhane) are boon for kidney.
  • Makhane snack is also good option for all who have gluten allergy. As these are gluten free.
  • They are low in calorie count so you can have it as weight loss diet snack.

Below Press “2” or “View All” to Homemade makhana snack recipe 

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  1. Sabita says:

    Diabetic snacks food please

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    WeightLoss food recipes please

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