Momos Chutney Recipe from Sikkim Darjeeling

How many of you love momos? I am sure momos chutney is big reason to love Momos! This hot spicy momos chutney is the key flavour agent behind Momos. So today I will tell you how to make Momos Sauce at home.
My most pleasant experience with momos is during my Sikkim Darjeeling trip. There I tasted yum momos with wow momos chutney. There I learn how to make momos chutney in a perfect way and this chutney is truely loved by my son.
In this momos chutney I used almond paste, you can use cashew paste instead of that, I got this tip by a local lady in sikkim, by this your momos chutney will be thick and not watery.

Ingredients of Momos Chutney

4 medium tomatoes
6 dry red chillies
20 garlic cloves
2 inch ginger
2 tsp of vinegar
2 tsp of sugar
Salt as per taste
1 tbs of Almond paste (Optional)

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