Moongfali ki Patti Ki Quick & Easy Recipe


Winters are on the way, and we all are ready for those chilli days.

In India with every season we have big list of food items specially for that season. Not only for seasons, actually for each festival we have a specially designed menu in every Culture of India. All these have a pure scientific base, to keep our body healthy.

Like for Summers we Have Different Ice creams (kulfi Falooda) & Shakes, For Rainy season we have Pakore and Poori, and same for Winters we have many sweets made of Jaggery (Gud) and one of them is Mungfali Patti which is also known as Peanut Chikki.

So today I will share a simple & quick recipe of Gud Mungfali Patti, which you can make at home.

Actually many times we have doubt on hygiene of these sweets, so from now don’t worry about it and make them at home with an ease.

On next page of this article you can read full recipe of Mungfali Patti.

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