Multi Grain Aata Homemade Mix Recipe | Perfect Ratio

These days Multigrain aata is on the hit list of dietitians & doctors. Most of the dietitians suggest to make roti with multi grain aata instead of simple wheat flour for weight loss.

Why Multi Grain aata is very much important?

  • If your are going for a diet plan for weight loss or Healthy Living then you should know differnce between Refined & Complex Carbs.
  • Simple Example is Maida vs Whole Wheat. Maida (redfined flour) is an example of refined carbs & whole wheat flour has complex carbs.
  • That’s why Dishes made up of maida is considered unhealthy in compare to whole wheat dishes.
  • Now in same line up if we mix multiple grains, then that flour will have more complex carbs & will be much Healthier.
  • Complex carbohydrates are digested slowly by body, that benefits you by reducing cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and helping you reducing your weight.
    Marketing of Multigrain Products !!

These days multi grain flour packs and other products are much popular in market. But most of these products are only marketed on the name of Multigrain.

Some big brands only add 5-10 % of multi grain mixture into wheat flour pack. So that means those multi grain flours are of no use.

According to dieticians we should go for 3:1 or 4:1 Ratio of Whole Wheat Flour & Multi grain mixture flour.

Now on next page I will tell you how to make Multi Grain Flour Mixture with Perfect ratio.

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