Paneer Chilli Instant chinese snack recipe

Today we will tell you about an Instant Chinese recipe. This one is Paneer Chilli which you can make in few minutes. I will use Chings Paneer Chilli Masala in it and this masala actually include all spices and salt in it. So we don’t want to add any type of spices or salt.

This kind of recipes can be easily made by any beginner. By this masala mix back you will surely got accuracy, as everything will be perfect according to quantity. We are making a series of Instant chinese recipe which can help beginners to use ready to cook products.


So for chinese cuisine I didn’t get anything better than Chings products. So all this 6 video series is based on Chings products.

So for now lets start with Paneer Chili recipe

Ingredients of Paneer Chilli

1) 1 packet of Ching’s Secret Paneer Chilli Masala
2) 2 tbsp. of oil
3) 200g of paneer cubes
4) 100g of diced vegetables (onion, capsicum, carrot)
5) 1 slit green chilli
6) 2 cups (300ml) water
5) Chopped spring onion for garnishing

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