Paneer Momos Recipe | In Cooker/Idli Stand/ Steamer

Paneer Momos is a popular chinese snack which become a famous street food in India. Today I am sharing recipe of Paneer momos, and trust me it is too easy to make momos at home. Just take care about some simple things which I will tell you in recipe.

paneer momos recipe

Paneer momos Outer layer ingredients

  • 1 cup all purpose flour or maida
  • ½ tsp oil
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • water for kneading or as required

Paneer Momos Stuffing ingredients

  • Paneer- 100gm (mashed)
  • finely Onion (fine chopped) – 1/2
  • Green chilli (chopped)- 2
  • Handful chopped coriander
  • ½ tsp:chilli powder
  • Salt to taste

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