Panjiri Ladoo Recipe

Panjiri / panjiri ladoo recipe is an authentic sweet dish. It is a traditional Indian Sweet specially consumed in winters. It is one of the major Indian cuisines. Panjiri recipe is easy to make and beneficial in winters. It is one of the sweet delights of Indian Cuisine.
If you consume this panjiri in winters, then it will strength your body against cold days. Consume it in a proper manner, more consumption can led to digestive problem, as it is a heavy sweet.
If you do a proper workout with it, then only your body can get all benefits of panjeeri ladoo.

Ingredients For Panjiri Ladoo Recipe


  • Wheat Flour – 400gm
  • Semolina- 50-75 gm
  • Phul Makhane- 1 bowl
  • Dry Coconut- 1 bowl
  • Cashew nuts- 20-25 gm
  • Almonds- 20-25 gm
  • Raisins- 15-20 gm
  • Melon seeds- 1 tbs
  • Sugar Powder- 150gm
  • Edible gum (gond) – 10gm
  • Clarified Butter (Desi Ghee) – 450 gm

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