Semolina Toast | Suji Bread Pizza | Healthy Sooji Diet Pizza

Your Kids insist for Pizza Burger and other junk food? Want to make something yummy and healthy for your kids? Here I am sharing a unique recipe of Suji Bread Pizza to make bread pizza without cheese and other components which are unhealthy in regular diet. This Bread Pizza with be nourished with suji, malai (cream) and milk. With that I will add flavors of pizza with pizza sauce and veggies like capsicum, mushroom, tomato and onion. These all veggies will make it yummy and healthier and on the top of it I will add cottage cheese (paneer) & pizza spice mix. With all these components you can imagine how I am taking this healthy sooji bread pizza near to taste of regular pizza.

I am sure when you will have this or serve this to your kids, you will not feel any guilt of unhealthy or fat factor. Surely try my recipe of rava / suji bread pizza and share your experience below in comments.

Suji Bread Pizza Recipe Ingredients

  • Bread Slices- 8
  • Suji – 1.5 cups
  • Milk or curd – 2.5 cup
  • Malai (Cream)- 1tbs
  • Capsicum- 2
  • Tomato- 2
  • Onion- 2
  • Salt- 1tbs
  • Red Chilli Powder- 1/2 tbs
  • Tomato Ketchup/ Pizza sauce– 4 tbs
  • Oil- 2tbs
  • Oregano Seasoning

Note – I am using Milk in this recipe but You can also use curd in place of milk.

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