Tandoori Roti In Cooker “Desi Jugad”

Do you love tandoori roti? Actually most of us love tandoori roti with authentic Indian and Asian dishes like shahi paneer, dal makhani, kadi pakora etc. So today I am here with a jugad to make tandoori roti in pressure cooker. Yes, I think most of your get surprised with Roti in Cooker title, but this is one of the old methods of cooking roti. Roti in cooker feels like tandoori roti only except the barbecue aroma which you can only get from tandoor.

So now whenever you cook shahi paneer, kadi pokarm dal makhani, or more authentic dishes then surely try this tandoori style roti in Cooker.

Cooker wali Tandoori Roti Recipe Ingredients

Below Press 2 To Read Recipe Steps of Cooker wali Tandoori Roti

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  1. Maria Stephen says:

    I loved watching you make the Tandoori roti. I will be trying making these rotis

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