Top 3 famous Holi Recipes will make Your Celebration Colorful

Holi is one of the main festivals in India. With its joyful colors holi is also popular for its flavorful dishes. So today I will share some popular recipes for Holi festival.
These recipes can do wonder for you on Holi. From snacks, sweets and drinks I have many recipes for you but from those I am picking up 3 most famous recipes which are traditionally joined with Holi.

Food is actually a essential part of our any celebration and occasion. That’s why I always try to bring number of recipes related to particular festivals or occasions. Like holi has its own traditional recipes, same like that I also used to share special recipes for diwali, navratri, eid and more.

Some of the most popular holi special recipes are Gujia recipe, Dahi Bhalla Recipe, Thandai Recipe etc.
I hope you will like my Holi special recipes. If you try any of them then surely share your experience with me in comments.

Mawa Gujia Recipe Traditional Indian Sweet

gujiya recipe holi special

Mawa Gujia is one of the popular holi recipes. This sweet dish recipe has its unique identity in the sweet platter of India. Gujia has a thin crust of maida (flour) with the stuffing of khoya, dryfruits or anything you want. You can make them in many variants. If you are making gujia at home then you can make it with less sugar and without sugar syrup. Like this homemade gujia can be better option to celebrate holi with a check on health issue.
I am sure you will love my Gujia recipe. Surely try my recipe of gujia.

Dahi Bhalla Recipe Chaat Snack

bread-dahi-bhalla recipe

In holi special recipes if you are talking about snacks, then Dahi Bhalle will be on 1st on my list. Dahi Bhalle or dahi vada is one of the popular Indian snack recipe. Dahi Bhalle is a authentic Indian Chaat recipe which is equally colorful like holi. On the base of white curd and light brown bhalla, green & red sauce with some colorfull fruits are like best complement to Holi Platter.
Surely try my recipe of Dahi Bhalla on this holi.

Thandai Recipe Summer Natural Drink

thandai recipe

You can buy a pack of thandai powder or a bottle of thandai syrup from market, but you can’t buy that original flavours that you can produce at home. In this recipe of thandai recipe I will tell you how to make Thandai paste at home. Thandai has its own place in joy of holi. A glass of thandai is must for guests and relatives who are coming to your place to share holi greetings.
So this time serve fresh homemade thandai to your friends and family.
I also have number of Snacks & Sweets recipes which you can read by clicking links below.
Celebrate this holi with joy but be in limits 🙂

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