Traditional Falooda Recipe Beat the Heat with Exotic Indian Flavours

Today I will share recipe of falooda, which will be full of exotic traditional Indian flavours. Surely try it, you will love this recipe. It will taste much better than you can get at any shop. It will be a good option for kids in summer to have some cool traditional flavours with everything natural.


Ingredients for Falooda Recipe

  • 3 Glass of Milk
  • Kewara/rose water or essense
  • Dryfruit Kulfi- 1/2
  • Ice Cream – 2 scoops (Vanilla/ Kesar/ Pista/ Badam Flavour)
  • Chopped Dry Fruits – 30 pcs (Badam Kaju Kishmish 10 each)
  • Sabja Seeds – 1 tbs
  • Falooda Sev – 1/4 cup (You can also use thin vermicelli)
  • Sugar – 3 tsp
  • Cardamom – 2 (Powdered)

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