Traditional Dry Fruit Kulfi Recipe made with Khoya Super Easy

You love Kulfi, I Love Kulfi, Actually Everyone Love Kulfi. Our cute named ice cream stick “Kulfi” is really full of authentic flavors that no one can say a no for it. Today Kulfi is available in a number of flavors and variants, but some recipes are evergreen. Today i will tell you how you can make Authentic Dry Fruit Kulfi at home without much hassels. This Kulfi RecipeĀ is a tried and tasted recipe by me, so you can try it without any fear.
You kids will love this traditional Ice Cream Stick “Dry Fruit Kulfi”.

Traditional Kulfi Recipe Ingredients


  • Milk – 1 Ltr
  • Mawa/Khoya- 100 gm
  • Sugar – 4 tbs
  • Corn Flour – 1.5 tbs
  • Unsalted pista- 15-20
  • Almonds – 15-20
  • Green Cardamom – 4 (Powdered)
  • Kewara Essense – 2 drops (optional)
  • Saffron – Pinch of (optional)

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