Weight Loss Lauki Drink Recipe Specially for Diabetics

In Ayurveda we have lots of options for weight loss and health benefits. There are many herbal drinks recipes in treasure of Ayurveda. Today I will tell you recipe of a famous Herbal Drinks made up of Lauki. Lauki is also known as Bottle gourd, dudhi, ghiya and may be some more names in local languages.

lauki juice weight loss

So firstly let me tell you about benefits of this drinks, and on next page I will share its amazing recipe.

Weight Loss – May be it seems to be common with almost all drinks, but in Summers Lauki Drink can do really wonders for weight loss process. Its fiber contents is the key for weight loss.

Cools your body – It keeps your body cool & hydrated in summers.

Keeps The Heart Healthy – It regulates blood pressure & also control cholesterol.

Reduces Inflammation Of Liver –  These days Swelling in liver is increasing in mass. So as per Ayurveda Lauki juice can prevent as well as cure inflammation of liver.

Improves Digestion system– It can be boon for people who have constipation problem.

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