White Sauce Pasta Recipe

Preparatory steps of White Sauce Pasta Recipe

  1. Finely chop the garlic, and cut down onion.
  2. Cut down medium size pieces of vegetables, here I am using capsicums and mushroom you can add vegetables of your choice in this white sauce pasta recipe.
  3. Collect all other ingredients for recipe.

Steps of White Sauce Pasta Recipe

You can take this recipe in 3 steps 1st is to boil pasta, 2nd is to prepare sauce, and 3rd is to cook pasta with sauce and vegetables.

  1. Now firstly we start from boiling our pasta. Take water in a pan, and put half spoon of salt in water and boil it. After water get boiled put pasta into it. Boil the pasta upto 90% as pasta also has to be cooked with vegetables and sauce. After pasta gets boiled strain it. Now you can cook this boiled pasta with sauce and vegetable. If you want to store it for a day then just put a spoon of refined oil and mix pasta with it so that they don’t stick with each other. Like this you can refrigerate boiled pasta.
  2. After boiling pasta let me come on preparing sauce for our white sauce pasta recipe. Actually white sauce of pasta is loved by many. Firstly take a deep pan put 400 ml of milk in it and put some chopped garlic and onion in it (only 10-15 pieces only for adding flavor. Other than fresh garlic and onion you can also use its powder.
  3. After milk get boiled, strain it and remove pieces of onion and garlic. Now take a frying pan, put some butter in it let it melt. After butter get melt and heated, put all purpose flour or maida into it. Cook all-purpose flour to eliminate its raw flavor but not let it turn yellow as we want it white for our white sauce. Roast flour on low flame only.
  4. After that put milk into it which we already boiled and flavored with onion and garlic. Mix it well with flour, and mix it continuously there should not be any clumps in it. Add little salt and black pepper to it, mix it and now our sauce is ready. If you want you can keep this sauce then you can refrigerate it for a day.
  5. Now our last step of this recipe is cooking our pasta with sauce, spices and vegetables.
    Put some oil in a pan around 2 tbs, and heat it for a while. After it get heated, put garlic into it and cook it for a while, now add onions and other vegetables to it. In this recipe I am using capsicum and mushroom you can use other vegetables of your choice. Cook vegetable for some time, keep them crispy to match real flavor and technique of Italian cuisine.
  6. Now put chilli flakes, salt and oregano and mix them with vegetables. After cooking vegetables put pasta into it and cook them together for 2-3 minutes. After tossing them properly put white sauce into pan and mix all together. We want our each pasta should be layered with that white sauce, isn’t it yummy?
  7. In last put grated cheese to pan, add some fresh cream to it, and like this we make our white sauce pasta yummier and it feels more rich but I can’t say anything about its healthy factors 😉

Made For each Other

Again a special section of my recipes in which I will tell you best companion for the recipe. So for this white sauce pasta recipe I will tell you something great without which you can never get restaurant like flavors in your any Italian dish. So that is homemade oregano seasoning which is purely similar to flavors of big brands like domino’s and pizza hut. Sprinkle oregano seasoning on hot served pasta and you will feel the aroma of oregano leaves and dry garlic.
My son usually  like red sauce pasta with white sauce pasta. Whenever we have a Italian menu in our get together then we surely make white sauce pasta and red sauce pasta. I don’t know you like or not but my son like to mix both pasta and then have a combo Italian dish 😀 !

Story Behind White sauce pasta recipe

Truly saying my cooking interest always have a bend towards Indian recipes and in that also punjabi recipes. But when my kitchen get lots of demands from my son, from that time only I started learning Italian, south Indian and Chinese food. One of most favorite dish of my son is White Sauce Pasta. I read many of white sauce pasta recipes and then add my own cooking experience to it, in last I come up with this recipe. I always have a curiosity to learn and them implement that in my kitchen. So when many of my friends ask me that how to make white sauce at home only then I start experimenting in kitchen and reading from cook books. Firstly I made it for some of our relatives, and when I got appreciation from all, then only I decide to share White sauce pasta recipe with you all.

White Sauce pasta Recipe Tips

Generally I add all tips and advice in recipe only but then also there are some things which I focus in this section so you can take care of these important things.

  • For Pasta recipe tips I wrote a separate article which you can read here > Pasta Cooking Tips For white sauce pasta.
  • I usually advice to make fresh sauce not store it, and if you can use garlic and onion powder instead of garlic & onion then it would be better option to flavor sauce.

Surely try my white sauce pasta recipe at your home and share your experience with me in comments. You can cook this white sauce pasta at some special occasions or to celebrate some lovely moments.

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