Why Mustard Oil is Better than any Refined oil for Weight Loss ?

Mustard oil is one of the traditional cooking ingredients in Indian Cuisine.


Almost all over the India Mustard oil is used in families.

But In last 3-4 decades something changes frequently which effect our health drastically!

You Know What Actually Changes?

Mustard oil frequently replaced by Refined oil in our Kitchens and specially in Cities.

We city people grab everything attractive from market just because of marketing mimic & just throw away our traditional treasures in dustbin.

Same thing we are doing with Mustard Oil !!

Today Sunflower Oil, Soyabean Oil, Rice Bran oil got excessive promotion all over the market, I am not saying they are good or bad, but I can surely say Mustard Oil is much Better than all those oils.

Now you want to know why I am saying like that?

On Next page of this article I will open your eyes with some shocking facts, I am sure after this you will quit this refined oil and adapt Natural Oils like Mustard, Coconut, Til, Desi Ghee etc.

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